Lincoln Towers

Dunwell Elevator maintains the elevators and motor rooms of the various Lincoln Towers’ buildings in this West Side complex, which is one of the largest housing developments in New York City.

400 East 52nd Street

At 400 East 52nd Street, Dunwell Elevator provides maintenance to 11 elevators.

Eventhough these are older, a well-maintained series of buildings, they still require special attention… that’s why Dunwell Elevator was chosen for the job… because, when it’s done right… then it’s DUNWELL!

429 East 52nd Street

Dunwell Elevator recently won the contract on this beautiful highrise at 429 East 52nd Street, directly across the street from 400 East 52nd Street, another Dunwell client listed on this site.

Dunwell Elevator was chosen for this project because, when it’s done right… it’s DUNWELL!

311 East 38th Street

At 311 East 38th Street, Dunwell Elevator modernized the existing elevators and continue to maintain the elevator servicing with a Service Contract.

It takes a well-spelled-out service contract to maintain superior elevator service in a modern high-rise building. These buildings are already equipped with some of the newest technology and elevator motors in the market today.

1056 5th Avenue

At 1056 Fifth Avenue, Dunwell Elevator modernized the existing elevators and continues to maintain the elevators in this semi-modern Upper 5th Avenue luxury residential building.

This luxury doorman building is well maintained with a Dunwell Service Plan, which provides year-round protection and constant on-call monitoring with our in-house dispatcher for any emergency that may arise.

500 Eighth Avenue

At 500 Eighth Avenue, Dunwell Elevator maintains the motor room and the entire bank of elevators, keeping them running under a yearly contract.

This is a very centrally located and busy Eighth Avenue property… just minutes from Penn Station and Madison Square Garden. It’s tenants receive visitors all-day-long, requiring the elevators to work much harder to service their passenger loads.

200 West 79th Street

At 200 West 79th Street, Dunwell Elevator maintains this Upper West Side multi-story residential buildings’ elevators on a year-round contractual basis.

Shorehaven Complex

Dunwell Elevator serves many different building complexes with very diverse elevator needs, including maintaing entire motor room operations. This Shorehaven project is a city-size-like undertaking and Dunwell is there for the smallest repair or adjustment to major breakdowns in service… we are available 24/7, 365!

City Center

At City Center, in the heart of Manhattan, near all the theatres, Dunwell Elevator maintains this landmark buildings’ elevators and also modernized their motor room. The building houses dance troupes, ballets and special events year-round, so these elevators get a generous amount of ware-and-tare.

It takes a special kind of elevator company to handle a property like City Center, and that’s why, when it’s done right… it’s DUNWELL

17 West 54th Street

Dunwell Elevator modernized the existing elevators and continues to maintain the elevators in this modern Upper 5th Avenue luxury building, directly across the Street from Central Park, near several prominent Museums.